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How We Got Started...

The message of Restoration.SHIFT was first discovered through the production of a series of documentaries by Robert Bowen.  Robert and Amanda Bowen, along with Kim Garcia and Tom & Nancy Moser, first began this ministry with the purpose of ministering to marriages and families, with the hope of reaching into churches to accomplish that purpose.  However, the scope of ministry is broadening to the greater ministry of reconciliation, of churches and communities.   

The three documentaries are:

Supernatural Marriage (Fall 2013)— Four years ago, as their marriage was being restored, Robert suggested that they would one day produce a testimony of what had been accomplished. This first documentary reveals that very evidence.


Life-Altering (Spring 2015) —In completing that documentary short, he realized there was more to the story that needed to be shared than just the focus on marriage. But, before he could finish the story, Robert realized there was “unfinished business” with his adult daughter. He documented his attempt as a love letter to her seeking reconciliation and forgiveness.


Project Reformation (Spring 2016) —These stories are what we call “God-stories;” Recognizing how God intercedes on behalf of His people, interacting with them to lead and guide toward the fulfillment of His plan. We have developed this third production in response to guidance from the Lord God through Holy Spirit. 


As we have gone, we have had many who have supported and assisted in the production of these works, but we can not name them all here.  Friends who have been generous with the gifts of hospitality who have fed and housed us as we have traveled.  We are grateful and honored by their faithful generosity.  


These works have led us to realize our passion to see churches, families and people restored and reconciled to the Lord and to one another, even while we have recognized the Lord's authority through Holy Spirit to accomplish what only He can do through us.  

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