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This is a special kind of training as it is not meant to be a "how to" numbered-step to a certain point of knowledge or specific behavioral change.  Instead, this is a Platform of Ministry, bringing together documented testimonies & teachings with instructed excercises in applying the Word of God to encourage people to incorporate a life of activated faith, within their home and work place.  We are partnering with individuals and teachers across the U.S., "everyday people," to offer an instructed process of going deeper into the presence of the Living God while developing a more personal relationship, further reconciling to the King of Glory, with each "part" building the "whole" into a greater reflection of perfection.  This study will include Reading, Bible study, Exercises (called Activations), and Video teaching and Testimonies.  The goal of this process is to bring individuals, families and churches into a greater understanding of worship, authority, position, calling and relationship with the Lord and then to each other.  

This can be utilized as an individual, family or a small group study, or as a church-wide teaching.  Our expectation is to create a portal-login that will lead to these options for further exploration.   

Reformation Training

A Different Kind of Study...
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