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Documented Testimonies

Restoration.SHIFT will utilize professional documentary testimonies, highlighting the ways in which the presence, power and authority of the Lord has impacted lives across the United States; because if we believe the Lord is real, and we believe He cares about what we do, then we should be looking for the ways in which He works all things together for our good, because all things are by Him and through Him and deserves our recognition and praise...

A Journey Documented: Project Reformation 

Gifted to Restoration.SHIFT, Project Reformation is: "One couples journey to understanding their authority and ability to overcome the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places, through the battle for their marriage & purpose in a world of darkness & doubt, while serving in church ministry."  

"Our names are not important.  The church we went to is not important.  What is important is the story of what happened when we dared to ask for the extraordinary…" From Aug. 2010 - 2015, the Lord demonstrated Himself in such a way that the testimony of His presence, power & authority could not be kept hidden.  

This is how the Lord began this ministry, but now He is calling us to look beyond what He has done within our own lives to call out and call forth what He is working in His Kingdom.  This means we are expanding our mindset to comprehend greater things, Kingdom things. 

This means a shifting of authority as our team expands.  This also means we need to establish some new parameters and boundaries as to responsibilities.  

Robert & Amanda Bowen, 12/2017

Project Reformation Poster

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As a thesis project at the University of North Texas @ Denton, TX, Robert Bowen produced Project Reformation in order to bring attention to the things the Lord had done in his life in hopes of bringing Him glory and also as a challenge to the persistent belief that God no longer moves in miraculous and supernatural ways; rather, it was Robert's thesis that God continues to reveal Himself through miraculous events.

If you would like to schedule a screening of Project Reformation, please contact us at

 Documented Testimony: Evangelistic Temple Relief Effort

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While documenting the hurricane relief efforts of Evangelistic Temple Church in Beaumont, TX, we also have the profound and awesome task of broadcasting the powerful testimony of J Mathew and Marilyn Bean of persevering through adversity to discover the presence of the Living God.

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