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Healing Oils

by Kimberly Garcia

A few years ago, I became interested in organic and natural resources whether it be for ones’ body, mind, health, or in making food. Later, my sister was sharing information about essential oils and that's when it hit me. I could use oils personally; thus began my journey on finding out how the many different ways the oils could be utilized. I began using these oils in my food, water, cleaning products, and personal hygiene. After exploring the many uses and benefits of oils, I wanted to reach out to my loved ones and share.

I started with making them perfumes in which each one was able to combine his/her own favorite oils in order to compose one beautiful fragrance. This process was fun and exciting in discovering how each persons’ fusion of oils would form and emit such a pleasing aroma.

I have recently concocted lotions

and am doing further research on essential oils that could potentially help my family and friends’ health issues: (Proverbs 13:17 ASV) “…a faithful ambassador is health”. I have found it interesting when comparing particular oils used during biblical times versus the way each one is being used now. When comparing the two, I found a few particular essential oils most interesting to me:

1) Cassia, which is now found to build the immune system, in the biblical times was used as Moses’ holy anointing oil and as a perfume (Exodus 30:24, Psalms 45:8).

2) Cedarwood, which is now used for cleansing, purification, and as an antioxidant healing oil (insect repellent, acne, and helps at a cellular level), was used in the biblical times as a ceremonial tool for cleansing leprosy and as a perfume (Leviticus 14, Numbers 19, Psalms 45:8).

3) Frankincense, which is now used as a natural healer (cancer, depression, allergies, and headaches), was used in biblical times as a holy ceremonial perfume, a gift to the Christ child, and a perfume (Exodus 30:34, Matthew 2:11, Song of Solomon 3:6).

4) Myrrh, now used to support the immune system, athletes foot, and healing on a cellular level, was used in biblical times as an anointing oil, a perfume, and many other practices (Exodus 30:23, Psalms 45:8, Song of Solomon 5:1, Mark 15:23, Matthew 2:11).

5) Spikenard, which is now known for its anti-inflammatory effects, was used during biblical times on Jesus's feet by Mary for anointment. (John 12:3).

Essential oils have been known for their many healing benefits throughout the times such as:

health and peace, anointing, perfume, and for ceremonial reasons. In all, oils have become very beneficial to me and others that I know. I hope and pray that this blog might help someone else, but I recommend researching and talking to your physician before adding any essential oil to one’s diet. Furthermore, it’s important to know that the oils should be used in moderation and as pure as one can find. Thanks for reading and God bless!!

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