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We are Now...

...believing the Lord was working many things together in the last season that are showing themselves in grand ways in this season.  As we step into a new era of faith, we ask you to pray as to whether the Lord is directing you to use your gifts and talents to forward this vision of Kingdom Building.  

Studio & Retreat

Anderson Co., East Texas

In November 2017, Restoration.SHIFT was generously offered the use of a space as a meeting space, studio and retreat to help fulfill the mission of creating teaching and testimony videos that will draw attention to the works the Lord is doing in individuals, couples and families for restoration & healing we are discovering as we go, and add to the Biblical text book materials for Reformation Training.


This space must be redesigned to fit the needs of the ministry, but will offer an opportunity to welcome individuals, couples and families into a place of rest and restoration.  We want to be able to minister over them as they step forward in spiritual warfare, healing or calling forth purpose and vision as they are sharing the testimonies of the Living God, by offering quiet solitude, prayer & worship or a sense of greater community as they stand against the enemy.   

We are currently working with a Master Planner to develop a plan for this space, and are aligning with individuals and couples to help rebuild the space as the plan is set and provision is given.   

Screenings & Public Ministry

Check our EVENTS page for locations, dates & times. 

Project Reformation has finished its run through four Christian Film Festivals, gaining greater attention with each submission.  In October 2017, Kingdomwood International Christian Film Festival awarded the documentary a 2nd place award.  At the same time, the Lord brought clarity and direction as to how He has been working out the vision of Restoration.SHIFT.  Comments about the documentary recognized the "powerful testimony" of transformation and the documentation of spiritual warfare in a very "real" way.  

Our next step is to begin to hold public screenings of the documentary "as we go."  We recognize the Lord will use this work to bring attention to the work He is doing in His people, as well as the vision of Restoration.SHIFT to see all believers walking in the fullness of God's power and authority to build His Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven, while recognizing and receiving the vision He has for them, their church and their community.  We see this ministry as "coming along side" those with whom we are brought in contact.  

Partnering w/Foreign Missions

Global - In prayer for discernment, direction and provision.

2017 brought many connections for Restoration.SHIFT, which made it apparent this ministry would not just be about the "American church."  God's Kingdom covers the globe and Restoration.SHIFT will as well.  Although we do not understand the fullness of this part of the vision for the ministry, we do recognize the film work we are doing in partnership with Cross-Bearing Productions will help bring attention to and be broadcasted for the church across national and continental divides.  We will be posting more information as the Lord confirms the direction we are to step, but are already planning trips to Guatemala and India, and possibly Italy within the next two years.  At the same time, we are connecting with individuals who minister to the persecuted church of Iran, Turkey & Syria. 

This is one of our biggest prayer points: how do we align with these ministries and bring attention to the work the Lord is doing while not exploiting their testimony for personal gain.  This is a ministry of men and women and we hope only to establish the Kingdom of the Living God.  We ask for your prayers as we step in faith "as we go." 

The Unveiling: A New Documentary Project

South Central, TX and anywhere the Lord leads...

"A ministry team is documented going into a small community to unveil the enemy."

The vision for this documentary was given to Robert in a vision and dream. The Lord directed Him to 2 Corinthians and as he read through the text, he was able to build out the creation the Lord had planned.  The Unveiling is an effort to follow the Holy Spirit as He directs a team of ministers and film makers to see prophetic words being fulfilled to bring revival into a region dominated by unbelief and religion.  How this will be fulfilled, we do not know. BUT, we are trusting that "as we go," we will see the Lord do what only He can since His Word never returns void of what He wants to accomplish!

Ministry Teams

Anderson Co, East TX; Somerville, TX; Frisco, TX

Restoration.SHIFT is a mobile ministry and uses specific equipment and effort to maintain.  Many families have already invested much to establish this vision.  So far, three families have aligned with this ministry and have been pouring in their livelihood for the day-to-day running of the ministry.  The original word spoken over Robert & Amanda Bowen in 2014 was "you will be pulling into churches, into parking lots, to speak prophetic and bring healing, so you will raise up the dry bones, but you will not just leave them restored to their original will add on the Armor of God so that they will be prepared for the battle ahead."

We have striven to set up and establish this ministry as a fulfillment of that goal.  This includes maintaining mobility with our housing and communications networks.  Each person who has followed the Lord's lead to join this ministry, is being directed to become mobile in these areas.  Multiple families are now stepping in faith to give up conventional living to "tend the sheep" of the Lord, "as we go."  We are working to establish a viable network of communication within and without the ministry which is requiring a specific setup for each team.  

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