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Who We Are...

Robert Bowen: A documentary filmmaker who believes in having a purpose and living for a higher goal. I accept my role of ministering in the name of Jesus, having just earned a second Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Documentary Production and Studies; my first being a MFA from the University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2008. I am also working with a company in the Kansas City area as a professional lighting designer. Amanda and I felt led to start Restoration.SHIFT, to reach out to the churches, both the leadership and body to improve and reestablish the matrimonial and familial bonds hoping to achieve healing and restoration within the Kingdom of God.

Amanda Bowen: Wife and Partner of Robert; Gifted and annointed with a strong voice to speak the testimony of Holy Spirit with a heart to bring healing to wounded churches, families, marriages and individuals.  Amanda is trained as a family therapist and tends to have a "big picture" perspective that allows her to see the issues within churches from what she calls a "God's eye view,"  believing the Lord has a purpose and plan for every person, and every body (i.e. congregation) established, that only He can direct.

Kimberly Garcia: Sister, friend and Follower of Christ, Kim has accepted a call to the ministry of reconciliation even as she works with Cross-Bearing Productions to inspire others to know and trust the Lord with a greater faith in His power and authority in their lives. Kim strives to serve with humility and grace, reaching out in ministry as a filmmaker, photographer, painter, teacher, counselor, and finally through music and writing.  Above all else, she puts God first in everything that she does.  


Tom & Nancy Moser: Mentors and Partners in ministry, currently residing in Brenham, TX.  They are known for their gifts in service, their teaching and understanding of the spiritual gifts within the body of Christ, and as actively seeking Christ in their daily lives.  


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