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We are setting our trust in the Lord in what He has revealed at this time, faithing in His lead "as we go." 

(of Reconciliation)
& Testimonies)

As we go, we are realizing this is a mobile ministry, but it is not about the individuals involved; Rather, it is about the greater Kingdom purpose of reconciling the Lord's people to Himself by bringing together individuals and couples from around the US to share their gifts for the benefit of the body.  Furthermore, we are believing we will not only see, but be a part of and testify to a healing of the American church body, including believers within churches and without. Our greatest goal is to be where the Lord calls us to be, when He calls us to be, so we can be available to testify to what He is already doing.  


The Unveiling

Another sneak peek of Cross-Bearing Productions documenting "The Unveiling." If you haven't seen the first teaser trailer click on the link below. Awesome Holy Spirit stuff going on. Very exciting to see how The Lord is working.

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